Jane is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher currently on the schedule at Y7, a heated, candlelit, hip hop yoga studio in New York. You're always guaranteed a strong, creative fluid flow in Jane's class. More important than the physical, Jane teaches to the intellectual, spiritual and emotional aspects of the practice. Interested in scheduling at private yoga session? Jane offers privates on a sliding scale. She'll meet you where you are in terms of budget and goals. Shoot her an email at Jane.Kivnick@gmail.com 


Here's her schedule:

Wednesday 7pm and 8:15pm at the Williamsburg Location

Thursday 5:45 and 7pm at the Williamsburg Location

Friday 11:45 & 1pm at the Solace Location

Sunday 11:30am and 12:45pm at the Williamsburg Location 

Jane subs very frequently! Check her instagram for weekly sub updates


"Jane has a rare gift of embodying the mind / body connection that makes yoga so powerful. Her physical practice is beautifully strong and delicate, and her energy is the same - warm, inviting, and purposeful. Her intuition allows her to understand people, both on an individual and a group level, and she has the innate gift of knowing - and offering - what a person or class needs. Jane's classes are extremely fulfilling. She has mastered the balance of pushing and motivating when you think you can't go further, and pulling back and instructing more relaxation when it's needed - a powerful sixth sense. Jane feels a room, and bases her teaching on her present students. She always offers modifications for beginner yogis or those more advanced wishing to take it up a notch. She also stays conscious of form (to ensure no one gets hurt) and carefully adjusts you so you can feel what a posture should be. Jane's teachings have made me a stronger, more confident, and more grounded yogi and human. It has been an absolute privilege to practice with her, and I'm very grateful to continue to learn from her on this journey."

--Ariana Arbes, NYC Student

"I first met Jane when she taught barre about a year ago, and now I
attend her yoga classes. In both disciplines Jane's passion for
teaching always comes though and she shows great interest in all of
her students. As an ex-dancer, I particularly enjoy Jane's classes
because I find them to be well structured and challenging. Her
experience in teaching is evident, as she leads you in a calm and
clear voice, while offering variations on a particular pose or some
intellectual thought that inspires. Not only does she want you to
improve physically, but also emotionally, from the inside out."

--Georgi Annenberg, NYC Student

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